It's easy to explain the syntax of Classes and Objects in PHP. It's another thing to have it all "click" and write code which is more than procedural functions written inside of a class. In this talk, we'll look at practical examples of using interfaces, abstract classes, and objects to write code which is concise, flexible, testable, and easy to maintain. If you're still writing procedural PHP, you'll come away with a better understanding of how to make the leap to thinking in an object oriented way.


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Axhay at 10:47 on 3 Nov 2018

Great content.

Code on slides was very easy to read (something a lot of presenters miss out on!), and providing the zip file helped to follow it along the way.

Bob Lindner at 10:50 on 3 Nov 2018

Great talk. I particularly liked how it was more intermediate/advanced and how some interesting side-topics (like generators) were mentioned.

I liked the format of this talk and ability to look at code samples while going through the reasons for each code refactor.

Eric Anderson at 09:26 on 5 Nov 2018

Great and informative presentation. Glad the that slide and code examples were available at the beginning to follow along with. Great presenter.

Nick Escobedo at 13:31 on 7 Nov 2018

Really broke down the content well in manageable chunks.

Good understanding of the content and well explained!