We've all been there. You've tested your application time and time again, and everything is working *perfectly*. Now all you need to do is pull the code down to your deployment server and you're good to go, right? **Right?** Except... you're not. You deploy your code, and almost immediately you get users complaining that things aren't working. Turns out, you forgot to install some vital packages like `imagemagick` and `bcrypt`. Womp womp. There's a better way. Docker allows you to transcend these issues by building the same environment every time. This talk will go through the basics of Docker, how to get started, wha\sts a Dockerfile, why not just use a VM, as well as diving into the some of the common issues that Docker can solve for PHP developers.


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Nate Finch at 22:42 on 2 Nov 2018

Definitely able to keep up, good pace, probably could have given some more examples, like how to deploy from local to production (free on Heroku, maybe?)

Very informative. Good job!

Drew Halverson at 11:54 on 3 Nov 2018

Great talk. Good pace and tons of useful information.

Jeff Hegeman at 13:27 on 3 Nov 2018

Great tutorial. I will be playing with Docker more.

Corey Halpin at 06:32 on 4 Nov 2018

Great tutorial. There's so much buzz about docker, and so much documentation out there, but it's hard to figure out where to start. With an interactive intro like this one, it all starts to make sense.

Good introduction to Docker, but it would've been more helpful to include more examples on how to set up docker containers, and when to use them as opposed to a VM

Alex Fraundorf at 18:51 on 4 Nov 2018

A great talk and demonstration on Docker. This talk is perfect for someone who is brand new to Docker.
The speakers did a great job not only with the theory, but with helping everyone get a container up and running.