This is not a talk about VIM VS. EMACS! This is how to use a CLI in a dev/production environment that emphasizes staying on the keyboard. I will show you how to install plugins for VIM that will allow for easy directory navigation, code syntax, and code completion. TMUX will be utilized as a persistent connection and efficient way to re-connect to what you were last just doing.


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Alex Fraundorf at 19:06 on 4 Nov 2018

This was an interesting talk on how much can be done using only two simple, small and pretty ubiquitous tools.
Instead of a quick 20 minute discussion, I think this talk would have much more potential in a longer format allowing Gunnard to do some live demonstrations, especially showing what Tmux can do. This was simply not possible in the allotted time slot.
Thanks, but I'm still going to use nano ;-)

Eric Anderson at 09:31 on 5 Nov 2018

Very high level on the possibilities of TMUX and VIM. Was in short time slot, but might benefited from some more hands on examples.