There has been a tremendous upswing in the use of IoT (Internet of Things) and web-based user interfaces. Data is the new oil, and everyone wants to collect more data on their operations. It's all fun and games while the sensors are installed and the data starts flowing in, but working with touchscreens for manual input and displaying the data in real-time can be quite painful if the UI/UX design isn't suitable for its application. Learn how to design your interface to handle everyday challenges while being flexible enough to adapt to constantly changing scenarios in the industry. These principles and guidelines will help you create an effective design as well as improve the overall user experience. This talk won't just be theoretical but will go through some practical considerations and ways to handle them, using real-world examples.


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This is one of the best talks I have heard in a long time regarding the topic of UX/UI (not just for IOT)! Hrushikesh gave very practical advice backed up with statistics on how to go about the process of making your application more useable.

Eric Anderson at 10:01 on 5 Nov 2018

Very knowledgeable and thorough presenter. Showed a high level of experience with the topic.

Hrushikesh Ghatpande (Speaker) at 10:53 on 5 Nov 2018

Apologies for the delay in uploading the presentation slides. They are now available at (also updated in the talk info above).