Ready, Set, Go! -- In this interactive session, teams of contestants¬Ě will select questions from different categories about web access and accumulate points based on their response. Gain awareness and test your knowledge of concepts to help your web applications be more accessible and usable to a diverse audience.


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Great way to share web accessibility information to the group

Alex Fraundorf at 19:16 on 4 Nov 2018

This was a wonderfully done interactive experience. It was not only educational, but extremely entertaining. Marsha, who is clearly an expert on web accessibility and a gifted presenter, came up with an engaging way to teach us all about a very important topic that is often too easily pushed to the back burner or ignored all together when a web site is being planned and built.
I really hope that more developers (both front end and back end) get to see this talk and play the game. It would be a wonderful addition to any conference, and I would love to go through it again.

Tony Dexter at 22:11 on 4 Nov 2018

Content was good and important, but delivery, while novel and engaging, was a little chaotic and I feel like there was a lot of concepts that may have gotten lost in the noise.

Oscar Merida at 05:47 on 5 Nov 2018

jeopardy was an engaging way to present the content especially towards the end of the day when attention is harder to muster.

Bob Lindner at 16:47 on 5 Nov 2018

Fun way to introduce a wide range of facts about accessibility quickly. I'd go hear Marsha speak on a11y any time.

Pauline Vos at 03:47 on 8 Nov 2018

I thought this was a really fun way to still share a fair amount of information that would've otherwise been hard to land after a whole day of conference talk. Great choice for an end-of-day talk.