Composer: Stability and Semantic Versioning Demystified


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An interesting and well-presented topic. A bit surprised at how focused the discussion was, could see how this would be helpful if you were debugging composer version issues or building your own packages. Never faced with either task, though, it was hard to see how practical the information was.

I always enjoy a talk when it is obvious that the presenter has intimate knowledge of a topic, as well as extensive experience with it. It was clear that Beau had both. I use Composer quite a bit and I found several interesting new tidbits I had not come across before.

For someone who has not ever used semantic versioning, but loves the concept of composer, this was a get session. Not only was the presenter well versed in the topic, but the presentation walked through how composer sees versions and gave some great scenarios about their usage. When I start developing packages, this knowledge will be well used.