Introduction to Object-Oriented PHP


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Anonymous at 11:11 on 16 Nov 2013

A little more enthusiasm would help engage the audience. It would be helpful to have more justification (persuasion) for using OOP principles. More examples showing why someone would want to use different levels of privacy (private, public, protected) (examples of how things can go wrong with the wrong choice) would make the presentation more powerful. Overall, a little less explanatory and more persuasive.

Thanks for presenting!

Anonymous at 11:34 on 16 Nov 2013

Nicely organized, easy to follow. Very useful for n00bs like me! Thank you!

As an intro this talk had good content! It was easy to follow and a good follow up to Beth's session. It did feel at times like the presenter was unsure of the content or was having a tough time relaying some of the information that he clearly knew.