PHP Framework Showcase


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It was refreshing to have minimalist slides and a lot of discussion. It was great to get audience feedback.

It would have been nice, since it's the foundations track, to have a bit more review of what a framework is. What roles specifically does it fill? How do they help? Why bother with them? What is it like to work with one?

More background on Composer would have been nice as well.

Thanks for presenting!

Totally agree w/ Riley on the minimal slide and heavy discussion. The audience feedback was both helpful and a nice shift from the traditional one-way presentation.

While recognizing that picking a handful out of the dozens (hundreds) of frameworks must have been a difficult prospect I still think it would have been nice to see more variety. Laraval/Symfony/Silex all share some fairly similar concepts and could have been _almost_ compiled into one 'slide' with a brief point or two on the different use cases (IMO), while their are other ones (like Kohana and Phalcon) that seem different enough to pique some interesting discussions. Just a thought :P

Anonymous at 08:49 on 18 Nov 2013

+1 for audience feedback. I too like the lite slides approach. Maybe the next step for this is to have a more advanced discussion of frameworks with code examples and some pros/cons of their overall philosophy.

The audience feedback was a nice touch to this presentation. Instead of just a dry checklist of features, it came alive and kept my interest despite being afternoon nap time for me :)

Great job!