Secure and Streamlined Database Access with PDO


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You flipped around the slides pretty quickly. You also tended to bounce around back and forth without warning.

The slides are somewhat dense with code, and the font is way too small. It would be nice to use a pointer or zoom-it to highlight what you are talking about.

The slides also often had content at the bottom which couldn't be seen in the back.

You used "self::$table" in your bindParam example code, introducing an unnecessary distraction when trying to explain something else, as you hand't explained how that would work and why it wouldn't just be the string literal table name.

Quite a monotonous and halting vocal tone. More enthusiasm would help engage your audience. Maybe pick a bad practice to rail against (always with examples and explanations, not just bitterness) to get your juices flowing.

Thanks for presenting!

Anonymous at 15:01 on 16 Nov 2013

I like that this talk built on your last talk. I wish the slides were made available already so that I could follow along -- sometimes the slides are hard to read from the back of the room because of people in the way or print being smallish to read from where I am. I hope you will also make your code samples available somewhere as well.

Anonymous at 15:07 on 16 Nov 2013