F***ing up projects – a manual


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Hilarious talk, more or less standup comedy. So fast, so much to laugh, and a lot of truth in it. Great idea and great performance!

Anna Völkl at 12:01 on 7 Feb 2016

There could not have been a better talk at the end of this day at MageTitans. So many things that can go wrong and often go wrong when we don't take care enough. Very refreshing, awesome talk :)

I laughed so much I had tears in my eyes and the fact is, it's all real life stories. These "special" ingredients everybody at least once had the chance to taste it. Great great speaker but not only! Can't wait to hear him speak soon.

Ivan Chepurnyi at 15:09 on 7 Feb 2016

I did follow all the steps after your talk, and I must admit - it works! Now I will follow this manual for every project.

Sherrie Rohde at 17:50 on 7 Feb 2016

This was quite possibly the best closing talk I've ever seen at a conference. Fabian did a great job making the audience laugh while keeping their attention with all the ways possible to f*ck up a project. He was even able to riff through all the on topic Q&A at the end with additional ideas.

Nadia Sala at 09:39 on 8 Feb 2016

Fabian talk was fun, ingenious and incredibly informative. It was the demonstration that manage clients and projects all over the world brings the same problems and that, in managing successful projects, many aspects that are involved are "non-technical" issues! The best talk for concluding this great event!

Sander Mangel at 18:16 on 8 Feb 2016

If this was a standup comedy show I would pay to go and see it. Great talk with a lot of (painfully) recognizable situations.