Getting your hands dirty testing Magento 2


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Daniel Sousa at 02:11 on 6 Feb 2016

Another great talk from the super Vinai!

Vinai is a great speaker and teacher. This talk is inspiring and engaging to finally bring testing into the magento community.


Anna Völkl at 18:31 on 6 Feb 2016

I love how Vinai interacts with the audience during his talks. This was a very refreshing and inspiring talk about testing and what things need to be considered.

Nadia Sala at 14:18 on 7 Feb 2016

A very interesting topic. As always Vinai was able to present his talk in an understandable and enjoyable way. From this moment we have no excuses to avoid TDD with Magento 2 !

Sherrie Rohde at 17:53 on 7 Feb 2016

Vinai is such a strong speaker and so great at involving the audience while he presents creating more of an open conversation than a speech. Really great talk to jump start your skills testing in Magento 2.

Sander Mangel at 18:01 on 8 Feb 2016

Vinai always has a way of making me want to write more and more tests. Really nice overview of testing in Magento 2

Great Great Speaker. He doesn't just know a lot he is also so great at explaining it to others in such way that make things seem so easy and clear. It's been a great honor to met him in person and a big bonus to get his autograph on Grokking Magento book.

Gabrielle at 11:50 on 11 Feb 2016

I might not understand everything that's going on (being not-that-technical) but, Vinai always seems to describe things so well, with lots of passion and also, most importantly a smile and personality. For a very technical speaker he brings a lot of life to his presentations.