Magento 2 and avoiding the rabbit hole


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Great talk about a complex system (PHP, Nginx, Varnish, SSL) with a "small configuration mistake", which is a hell to debug.

And beside this story I learnt something about Promodoro, which seems to be a cool technique, thanks for sharing!

Anna Völkl at 12:10 on 7 Feb 2016

I liked the way you split up and presented the debugging steps and I won't forget about measuring my Magento 2 learning curve in WTF's per minute. It was really easy to follow your talk and as someone who hasn't tried M2 in combination with Varnish before I also gained some insight on this.

Sander Mangel at 18:06 on 8 Feb 2016

Very nice talk, my main take-away was the Pomodoro technique for sure. Looking forward to trying that out next debug session

Vinai Kopp at 12:52 on 11 Feb 2016

Great talk, very useful, and left me happy I didn't have to do that debugging session ;) I'll apply Pomodoros the next time I have to debug a bigger issue, too!