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Alessandro is a great speaker. He gave a nice introduction to the conference together with Jon Woodall. Explains the roots and the goals of MageTitans.

Anna Völkl at 18:19 on 6 Feb 2016

Alessandro and Jon gave a great overview what MageTitans is about and how it works. Also I liked they presented the idea of giving back with MageTitans supporting the clean water campaign.

Nadia Sala at 14:13 on 7 Feb 2016

Alessandro has carefully prepared the presentation of MageTitansIT conference, he was able to convey to the public all the values that this event holds and a lot of enthusiasm for speeches!

Sander Mangel at 17:59 on 8 Feb 2016

The host does influence the day a lot. With funny remarks, great introductions and a charm I greatly appreciate Alessandro really made this event for me.
The welcoming words by Jon and the explanation on what MageTitans stands for makes it clear these events are something special

Gabrielle at 11:47 on 11 Feb 2016

Perfect. Alessandro is very welcoming, he explained the original and ongoing goals of Mage Titans, and introduced the the clean water campaign, where our community is giving back and supporting another.

Vinai Kopp at 12:43 on 11 Feb 2016

I enjoyed seeing how all the work Alessandro put into the event came to fruitation. Also love it that the MageTitans events support charity!