How can you easily integrate that beautiful piece of business logic code you hand crafted into other frameworks?
How do you prepare that bespoke fulfilment module in Magento 1 to work in Magento 2?
How do you open up the powerful array of features in your client’s web shop to the world to connect with?
Learn more about writing headless code, about how it does not always equal ‘just exposing an API’ and how you can get started with a few easy steps by a collection examples and cases.


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David Manners at 09:27 on 12 Jun 2017

Everyone is talking about headless but not that many people are getting up that and talk about how to do it. Great to see some more of the how to do it.

Jisse Reitsma at 11:11 on 13 Jun 2017

Nice info on how to build a headless approach, proxying the M2 application with an intermediate Slim layer. I'm not going to build it myself though

John Hughes at 20:27 on 13 Jun 2017

Really interesting and impressive talk from Sander on how the site he works with has gone headless with Magento with real world examples of how they built out their components, showing the structure used and the dependencies included.