Magento 2 introduced the concept of strong frontend/backend separation – figuring frontend as an application exchanging data with the core through webservices. However the choice of the MVVM model of KnockoutJS is not sufficient to completely abstract the frontend as a self-contained, autonomous application.

Thanks to the easiness of implementation of Magento 2 webservices – using those already present or extending them – it is possible to move to a reactive programming model based on ReactJS.
We will this way create a performing, easily customizable, stable frontend layer with independent test units. This modular frontend might be made of separate components – each of which capable of replacing a specific pre-existing function.

We will show examples from real case studies, like a custom checkout funnel completely written in ReactJS.


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Jisse Reitsma at 11:13 on 13 Jun 2017

React seems to be cool, and it made this talk even cooler. I definitely loved the lessons Riccardo shared while bumping into issues with his headless approach: It helps the community get a step closer to better headless support.

John Hughes at 20:30 on 13 Jun 2017

Really well presented, funny and importantly informative talk from Riccardo. Not only did it show how they use React, but the issues they have faced and the open source solutions they have created to solve some of these.