When a Magento store grows, there are challenges that can’t be overcome by adding more servers or increasing hardware capacity.

Performing asynchronous operations can be the best solution when caching can’t be used, for instance on write operations.

Magento 2 EE is bundled with an extension, module-amqp, that allows to easily integrate any implementation of the Advanced Message Queuing Protocol, for instance, RabbitMQ.
But what if you are a Community Edition user? Worry not, you haven’t been forgotten.

In this talk we will see how to get up and running with Magento 2 and RabbitMQ in a few minutes thanks to Docker, and the benefits this solution can bring with a real life example.



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Jisse Reitsma at 11:18 on 13 Jun 2017

Queuing protocols has always been on my agenda to pick up on, but I never dived into it. Renato his talk offered a great (developer-oriented) introduction with some code samples. Plus he also showed that building your own solution is perfectly possible. Great value!

John Hughes at 20:41 on 13 Jun 2017

Great overview from Renato on message queues. As something I've never looked into before it gave a decent overview and the code examples mean I have something to go away and learn more from.