“Can you make it faster?”, it’s a question we’ve probably all heard at some point or other. But where to focus your attention on such a task can be challenging, usually we only have limited time in which to improve the performance of a site, so quickly identifying the highest impacting bottlenecks is key.

I will discuss the importance of monitoring and the role it can play in identifying performance issues. With a real world example, I’ll discuss a common mistake I’ve come across related to the Full Page Cache efficiency. I’ll also highlight some key aspects that should be considered when implementing features alongside a Full Page Cache.

YouTube Link - https://youtu.be/GLJ85ppV2Hk?list=PLwB4Uz_0hoVMOnBRS49ICbNWOU5jhNNWC


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Loved it. Many great points.

I have to watch that one again, so packed with knowledge and recommendations, I learned a lot. Great and understandable examples!

Very useful tips and something which all Magento developers would benefit from knowing.

Andy Pimlett at 11:17 on 15 Nov 2016

Found this extremely interesting; partly to get a sense of calibration about our own practice but also to get some ideas to take back and take a look at.