At Magento we believe in an empowered community that directly participates in the success and iterative innovation of the platform. Learn how community contributions have made the Magento platform more robust, more responsive, and more extensible – hear some success stories from the field and discover how to accelerate your contributions and get your attribution. Hear about new open source initiatives at Magento, gain insights into our development activity and roadmap, and join the shared vision that is our open source Magento ecosystem.

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Daniel Morris at 18:09 on 13 Nov 2016

Great to have the VP of technology from Magento at the event, his talk was interesting and insightful. The issues I, and other colleagues have were recognised and mentioned, got a mention; and it gave me hope.

Covered issues about how Magento will talk to the community - well presented and seemed honest.

Thanks for taking the time to show up at a small community conference like this one!