So! how can we migrate data from Magento 1 to Magento 2? Tadhg will quickly explain what Magento’s data migration tool is all about. Follow what happens when a real world Enterprise client decides to migrate! How was the migration investigated, what actually happened, how were issues resolved, what were the workarounds, how was go-live planned. All this in 15 minutes no problem!

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james cowie at 08:14 on 13 Nov 2016

Toilet humour aside. For this being his first public speaking engagement wow. Fantastic presentation skills.

I enjoyed the timeline and gotchas presented and like how it was spoken from the heart based on real experience.

Only negative was so many bullet points but that is minour.

Great talk, highly amusing. I hadn't realised traditional Dutch toilets shared so much in common with traditional Japanese toilets - and the actual content of the talk was highly useful as well.

Daniel Morris at 18:14 on 13 Nov 2016

Insightful, I look both ways when using the bathroom now. Excellent speaker, calming and funny and natural.

Tadgh made sure we deserved the Comedy Store stage. He managed to do a stand up routine and then dropping a bunch of knowledge about data migration in just 15 minutes. The slides will be very helpful as reference.

The most entertaining talk but very interesting as well. Data migration is going to play a massive role moving to Magento 2 and there's some useful tips in this.

Brilliant and engaging talk - loved the mix of comedy and knowledge sharing on the problems encountered with product importing.