Testing, Testing and more testing. We know we should be testing our code but what are the benefits of testing? Assurances that we can rapidly make changes to the code and ensure functionality is still kept intact. Well, what if there was more than just code security that practising testing could give us.

I believe that by thinking about Objects and going back to the fundamentals of OOP ( Object Orientated Programming ) and thinking about how objects can communicate with each other we can design better applications adhering to SRP ( Single responsibility Principle ), SOLID and DRY and still retain a well tested and more verbosely documented system. By exploring concepts from OOP, DDD, BDD and TDD I will show that we can extract business domain code and encapsulate this into meaningful objects that are more testable, maintainable and showcase best OOP practices.

YouTube Link - https://youtu.be/btH5DJ6P_OU?list=PLwB4Uz_0hoVMOnBRS49ICbNWOU5jhNNWC


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Smart advice on writing clean object oriented code, flavored with an introduction to Behat. From the title I had expected a different kind of talk but was not disappointed by the content!

The XML/JSON export example was chosen well so that we could follow the process of (re)designing and testing and understand the reasons why and when certain principles are a good idea.

Nice overview of design patterns and clean code.

James is a great speaker. Interesting content, well structured.