This talk is going to walk step by step through the process of a structured rewrite of a complex extension for Magento 2. The key is to decouple all business logic from Magento, with a well-defined interface between the framework agnostic library and Magento. You will learn some useful patterns for framework agnostic code, and for refactoring existing complex modules in particular.

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Excellent talk, discussing the real possibility of maintaining a shared business library between Magento 1 and Magento 2. The architecture shown was spot on, and Fabien picked the best way to lead us through the process of removing Mage calls from our code.

Great showcase for using a lib approach to make a tool usable in different platforms. If the design and architecture is o spot there is "no problem"

james cowie at 08:11 on 13 Nov 2016

Excellent talk. The approach presented echos what I believe to be a good way forward and hearing his process through the migration and evolution was great

Pablo Benitez at 16:40 on 13 Nov 2016

Great talk, thanks for sharing this approach is much more reusable than others.

It was nice that you had prepared a slide with the times it took you to port it!

Keep up the great work.

Max at 22:00 on 13 Nov 2016

Idea is really great of splitting Magento 2 framework related usage into 2 pieces. Enjoyed the Fabian's talk a lot.

Len Lorijn at 11:11 on 14 Nov 2016

Good to hear how other people are tackling this problem.

Very interesting talk and a good insight into how to approach refactoring large modules.

Interesting approach presented concisely and clearly.
The idea of building a bridge for the m1 and m2 module was very interesting and thought provoking, and it always intriguing to see how other approaches to problems. Thanks for the talk.

Andy Pimlett at 11:17 on 15 Nov 2016

Really interesting and very informed presentation.

Very well presented and highly relevant real-life information. Thanks for sharing!