In this presentation I’ll show you how to run Magento in the cloud so that you’ll never have to get up at 3am to fix things. At the same time we want Magento to run fast and the infrastructure to adapt to your current traffic patterns.

We’ll talk about cloud infrastructure patterns, scaling, elasticity, reliability, caching and how to get your code up there in a clean way. Join me if you want to hear about AWS, infrastructure (as code), immutable deployments, triple redundancy and a little bit of CI/CD.

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james cowie at 08:04 on 13 Nov 2016

Fantastic orveview and insights in Amazon and cloud hosting. Lots of key points to take away about auto scaling groups planning monitoring etc. Fantastic talk by a fantastic speaker.

It's always interesting to see how AOE builds their stack and the reasoning behind it. Very specific to AWS, but the talk also contains useful advice if you don't use AWS and was well presented and easy to follow without experience with AWS features like auto scaling groups.

Probably the most relevant talk for me all day. Well presented and Fabrizio clearly knows his stuff.

Great insights and explanation for the use of AWS with a Magento site, and it was very well presented. For me this was a very relevant and helpful talk; with lots of points to consider and use. Thanks!