This talk is about exploring the boundaries between OOP and functional programming. OOP is based on the idea of encapsulating object state and behavior. Functional programming is based on the idea of referential transparency and no (or carefully controlled) side effects.

Can we use lessons from functional programming to do better OOP in PHP?

Besides showing us ways to write code that is safer to maintain, easier to test and looks funky, studying functional programming activates new pathways in the brain making us allover smarter.

(Oh, and the talk will also un-cover buzzwords like “referential transparency”, so no fear!)

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Nils preuß at 11:37 on 12 Nov 2016

Great ideas and something that should be in high demand for developers as it eases things quite a bit if you know why you do it.

"Always choose the right tool for the job"

I grew up with functional programming, and it always feels like my mother tongue. Vinai once again nails that line between introducing a topic, and giving some great talk for people who know a thing or two.

Fantastic entry point for getting into functional programming with Magento, and with PHP in general.

Good insight in a totally different programming style which can/should influence ours.

james cowie at 07:56 on 13 Nov 2016

As always vinai presents with confidence and charm.

I was very interested in this talk and the content delivered at a level I could understand. Instead of loosing the audience in complex theory of monads etc he went through good use cases and I thoroughly enjoyed the talk. I can't wait to see it evolve more with the hope to see some deeper use cases and examples

Vinais talk was one of my personal favorites. Functional programming is something pretty new to me, particularly in PHP. He gave me a lot of buzzwords and information material I have to look up when I'm back home. His Pronunciation is great. It is easy to understand everything he said. If I had a wish, I would like to have a couple more practical examples (CODE :)) in his talk.

Thank you Vinai

I've always been first-and-foremost a functional programmer and I never considered that object-orientated programming could be applied without classes. Of course, now I'm a Magento developer and I deal with classes all the time and this talk gave me new insight into how I should be writing my code.

Pablo Benitez at 16:37 on 13 Nov 2016

Great talk Vinai, as usual, you are an experienced presentator and your knowledge is limitless.

Keep on investigating "new" things and please dont stop sharing!

A refreshing "new" view on object oriented programming, or rather its original sense and how it can work together with functional programming. Very inspirational and Vinai is an excellent and enthusiastic speaker as always.

Len Lorijn at 11:09 on 14 Nov 2016

Very informative as always, good slides.

Really interesting talk and a really good introduction into why you should try and program in a functional way.

Andy Pimlett at 11:16 on 15 Nov 2016

Mindbending stuff...

I've never seen a presentation from Vinai that wasn't highly interesting and very well presented and this one is no exception. It's good to see that Vinai doesn't take things for granted (like "traditional" OOP), explores new things and shares it with the rest of the community. Inspiring as always :)