How not to suck at data validation and output: Security is an important aspect of web application development. In this talk we’ll have a look at the most common data input and output mistakes and what you as a developer can do to prevent them. We’ll have a look at methods and ways Magento 1 and 2 provide to increase security.

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Some interesting points and I would have loved to hear more details. 15 minutes are not much time, so maybe the introduction could have been shorter

james cowie at 00:04 on 14 Nov 2016

Very interesting to hear how a real life project went. Going through how it structured with agile and some insight into catalog and what went well through the project.

Nice clear slides and and confident speaker made this an excellent talk.

I just wish max had longer to present

A subject that all Magento 1 to Magento 2 developers could do with hearing about. Covers the technical and project management difficulties on a real-life project moving to Magento 2.

Interesting to listen to Max' stories about migrating a real project over to M2. Thanks for sharing!