Mage Titans an event for Magento developers Showcasing the leading names in Magento development alongside the rising stars of the community.

Friday 24th February 2017

How to Make the Most of Magento Events
Talk by Sherrie Rohde (10 minutes)

By the end of this event, you’ll be plotting out the next opportunity to gather insights with this amazing Magento community. In this short talk, I’ll share with you techniques I’ve learned to keep the momentum going after the event and for how to demonstrate the value of this day to your boss (whether that’s an employer or yourself) so that we’ll simply be saying “See you next time!” instead of “Goodbye.”

Why are we taking so long to adopt Magento 2?
Talk by Tadeo Barranco (30 minutes)

Mexican Magento Devs are very few in addition when a new framework comes out, the community takes a long time to adopt it, use it, and collaborate. Why? What are the reasons? Who can help to increase the number of devs and also the skills of those developers. What is my input to help with that? That will be my speak.

Making Your Life Easier with the Magento 2 CLI
Talk by Miguel Ignacio Balparda (30 minutes)

The new bin/magento tool allows Magento 2 DevOps and developers to streamline their workflow by performing critical tasks from the CLI. This presentation demonstrates how to perform simple operations like reindex, as well as complex ones like changing modes and deploying static files through the CLI. The 45-minute talk also serves up pro tips and teaches you how to create your own commands.

Talk by Jon Higby (30 minutes)

PayPal (soon)

Object(ivly) thinking
Talk by James Cowie (30 minutes)

Testing, Testing and more testing. We know we should be testing our code but what are the benefits of testing? Assurances that we can rapidly make changes to the code and ensure functionality is still kept intact. Well, what if there was more than just code security that practising testing could give us. I believe that by thinking about Objects and going back to the fundamentals of OOP (Object Orientated Programming) and thinking about how objects can communicate with each other we can design better applications adhering to SRP (Single responsibility Principle), SOLID and DRY and still retain a well tested and more verbosely documented system. By exploring concepts from OOP, DDD, BDD and TDD I will show that we can extract business domain code and encapsulate this into meaningful objects that are more testable, maintainable and showcase best OOP practices.

Adding conversational experiences to your Magento store
Talk by Bettina Cerban (30 minutes)

In this talk, we will show how you can use a natural language interface, such as a chat bot, to support interaction with your customers. This includes how to build a bot, and how to communicate with a Magento store’s backend through a REST API. Between the bot and the API stands a service layer, dedicated to parsing natural language to formal queries.

The journey to Magento 2 for Magento 1 developers
Talk by Gabriel Guarino (30 minutes)

Magento 2 was released more than a year ago, and since then developers from all over the world have worked with the platform implementing all kinds of solutions, from front-end to back-end. Currently there is a lot of documentation on the new version of the platform, but the reality is that if you have already worked with Magento 1, then the best way to start working with Magento 2 is through this talk. We will walk through each of the aspects that compose Magento, and compare Magento 1 with Magento 2, so that you can have clarity to advance with any type of implementation.

The Importance of SEO in E-commerce
Talk by Aaron Grego (30 minutes)

The most important aspects of SEO positioning for e-commerce are shown being the most profitable channel when generating more traffic, visibility and sales, and how to integrate the branding positioning, categories and products to an SEO strategy.

Security as part of the business model in eCommerce
Talk by Tadeo Gutierrez (30 minutes)

It knows how security has become part of the supply of value in a competitive market and not only in a technological need. Users of e-commerce services expect to have the de-facto support and peace of mind in an increasingly complex and interconnected environment. In this talk focused on both technologies and business heads from a strategic point of view, we raise common mistakes and how to generate a business model that allows us to optimize resources and offer our users and customers a safe and appropriate environment to their expectations.

Lightning Talks
Talk by Daniel Bartholomew, Jhon Montevilla, Japhet Pérez , David Velázquez (1 hour)


Talk by Ben Marks (30 minutes)