Beginning iCloud Development


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Hard to follow for a noob.

A lot of information and a little too much code!

Liked the code examples a lot. Don't ditch them. In my opinion this was one of the better talks of the conference.

Problem with a talk about iCloud is that it's not "simple" it never is :) The amount of information given in the small 50 minutes used was a lot. Therefor, a lot of text on slides and pretty big code examples. This is not a problem, it's not a tutorial, its a talk. Now that the slides are online everyone can re-watch the code examples and hopefully the mdevcon team will add audio to it as well.

Speaker itself was clear and repeated the questions form the audience which was awesome.

Great insights into the asynchronous mess that iCloud is. Given the complexity of the subject, I liked the clear code snippets very much.
It was also nice to briefly look at some alternatives to iCloud.

I liked the minimal aspect of the slides during the presentation but that's kinda hard to remember everything only with it.
But that's why I take notes so that's actually not a problem for me.
Lot's of snippets in the slides, actually kinda cool for trying.