Native Development in iOS and Android: similarities and differences


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The presenter wandered off in different areas and I could really get his point at the end.

Anonymous at 16:12 on 12 Mar 2012

Anonymous at 16:13 on 12 Mar 2012

Worst talk of the conference. This talk had absolutely no content.

Anonymous at 16:29 on 12 Mar 2012

Talk was a bit messy and I think it was the first talk of this presenter.

Few pointers to the speaker:
1. Prepare your slides a bit more, and, if you never gave a talk before. reherse it and test during breaks if the beamer works on your laptop
2. A 10 minute introduction is way to long. This can be done in 2 minutes. If people want to know more, they will find you online
3. To long of an overview of the running app. Everything needed there was: "We created this app, and we tried to port it to android, how did we do it"

After ±20 minutes there was some decent content, about differences in UI, how does the Apple UI work (no physical buttons) vs the physical buttons on most Android phones. I liked that part, but again it could have been more clear-cut.

Worst part of the talk is where one of your own colleagues interrupted you for an error on the slides.
When this happens, all other slides become worse as well, again, test run it. specially if you say things about you and your team test run it with your team.

Don't get dishearted by the above comments, no it wasn't the best talk. But you were on that stage and they were in the audience. Practice makes perfect!

That wasn't the worst presentation I've ever seen but it was not good enough for that conference.

The speaker had an interesting background. But he was clearly a beginner speaker so the presentation looked a bit "amateur". Too bad, because there was some good content but not enough highlighted.