BlueFoot has been a revelation for CMS within Magento since launching last April and as it is due to become part of the Magento core as ‘Magento Advanced CMS’ by the end of 2017 it isn’t going away anytime soon.
However, BlueFoot isn’t just a fancy tool for the merchants we support to take more control over the content on their sites, it is an incredibly flexible and extensible, developer friendly platform that can revolutionise the way you approach creating solutions for Magento.
Talk sections:
Brief overview of BlueFoot, its features and Magento acquisition
Overview of the tech behind BlueFoot
Widget-esque approach
Page builder blocks
How developers can create their own attributes and page builder blocks to provide new content options for merchants
Overview of some of the solutions that we have created with BlueFoot at Fisheye
Where we see BlueFoot going and info on Magento core integrated future of the product


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