Grokking REST


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The talk started out pretty dry and very academic. I had a tough time following for a while. About half way through I realized that almost nothing I thought I knew about REST was correct.

When the academic turned to the practical, I really started to get a lot out of the talk. I had to scramble at one point to wake up my laptop and get vim opened so I could take a few notes. By the end of the presentation I had a better understanding of both REST and http, and the question and answer period was excellent.

Thanks Ben!

Great talk. Little hard to follow in a couple of places but otherwise informative and interesting.

Enjoyed it -- some above my head, but gave me a much better understanding of REST than I had before.

Even though I have just recently started learning PHP, I found the talk very informative and very educational, as well as enlightening. It was nice to be able to identify some of the concepts that we have been learning about and see their practical use in the everyday world. Ben was very knowledgeable of his subject matter and was very open and eager to answer questions presented.

I look forward to more meet-ups as well as any future discussions with Ben Ramsey and other experts in the PHP field.

I really enjoyed the meet up. Ben had a very informative presentation about programing a more restful state between browser and server.

He introduced me to to study more.

Thanks Ben

As a student learning php most of it was a bit above my pay grade, but I actually got the jist of REST. Ben definetely knows his stuff as I think I got more out of the Q&A as a student. He's got me interested though, and I hope to learn more.

Good presentation Ben, hope to see another!