What would you do if the aliens landed tomorrow? Call the Area 51 Hotline, of course. Learn how to build your own call center so the UFO sightings can be documented easily.

Building an Area 51 Call Center with Node-RED

Would you know who to call if "The War of the Worlds" actually broke out? If aliens decided to land tomorrow, we are all horrifically unprepared, and personally I think only chaos would ensue. Never fear. We can build the solution.

We can easily create an automated call center for Area 51 using Node-RED. Node-RED uses Flow-Based Programming in a browser-based visual editor. Built with Node.js, you can quickly build applications, and deploy with a single click. Node-RED has a library of community built integrations to allow you to build integrations with multiple services and publish with a single click.

By the end of this talk, you should have the tools to start building with Node-RED, and a solution when the aliens climb aboard their starship and head for the skies.


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