Maintaining and scaling your project is easier when you've laid a good foundation -- join me for whirlwind tour of what not to do, what to do instead and maybe what you can do to fix what you've already done.

There are lots of ideas out there about how to run a free and open source software project... but not all strategies were created equal. Sometimes governance "just happens" but more often than not, projects end up with some things that work and some that don't. Transparency, clear expectations and compassion go a long way towards helping you find people who support your vision but can still bring new ideas to the table when it comes time to talk implementation. Your project's governance should reflect your values and empower individuals to succeed within its structure. Specific topics that will be covered:

How to bring in people who share your vision
Why transparency matters
Sharing expectations early and often
Which legal decisions to sort out early

Maintaining and scaling your project is easier when you've laid a good foundation. The wider community is mature enough that we can learn from what's already been done and set up new projects for success. This talk will cover some of the big red flags you'll want to avoid as well as some of the structural details that will help avoid issues later on.


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Philip Sharp at 16:55 on 1 Aug 2019

Good run-through of problems to look out for in FOSS projects, and some ideas of how to correct them.