Self-pour beer systems are an emerging market, and solutions are mostly in-bar novelties involving heavily customized installations. However, HOP is a scalable, modular, distributed self-pour system designed to be installed anywhere beer is sold. After a user is registered in the HOP system, they can visit any HOP station, have their identity confirmed via facial recognition, and pour themselves a cold draft beer.

The HOP system leverages native iOS, AWS Lambda, and Elixir in the form of a Phoenix backend and Nerves firmware controlling beer dispensing and measurement hardware. This talk will cover the lean build process implemented in the development of this product, as well as an in-depth look at the current architecture from the hardware/firmware to the customer-facing iOS app to the web backend that brings it all together.


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Chris Howard at 12:25 on 13 Jul 2018

Great and interesting high level talk. Would have liked to hear a lot more about the AWS components they used but I get its a high level talk.