One of our most valuable commodities as humans is our ability to build relationships---both personally and professionally. And the key to any successful relationship is empathy: being able to understand someone, connect with someone, and view the world through their eyes. The problem is that the empathy needed to cultivate relationships, foster collaboration, and build strong communities is often lacking, especially when we are around people who are different from us. And if empathy is the tie that binds us, then vulnerability is the thread that holds the rope together.

It's time to change the status quo in tech. Let's explore the impact of empathy on communities. We'll discuss how communication plays a role in building successful relationships; how empathy fosters highly collaborative teams; and finally we'll talk about true accessibility. Why? Because innovation is at it's best when it's inclusive, and to be inclusive, you must be empathetic.


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Very powerful. Empathy is such a nebulous topic but yet the speaker was able to provide actionable advice and tips.

Frank Font at 13:59 on 15 Jul 2018

Direct advice communicated with grit and passion on an important topic --- empathy --- which gets too little discussion. It matters so much; glad Sharon stood before the group and shared her insights.