There is another massive shift happening in how we interact with companies through software. Users feel comfortable naturally talking with their applications through chatbots. Chat is the next generation of the user interface.

Companies like Slack, Facebook, WhatsApp, and WeChat have some of the most popular apps in the world, and they are all betting on a messaging interface.

Elixir is the perfect language and ecosystem for building bots and for conversational interfaces. In this session, we will see how we can build scalable, realtime web applications (or “bots”) using a new library Juvet and the Slack API. We will see what a good bot architecture looks like and how we can integrate with existing artificial intelligence services to make our bots smarter.


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Philip Sharp at 15:52 on 14 Jul 2018

Well-desgined talk about a hot topic. Code examples were clear even to someone who doesn't knoe Elixir.