With the updates to iOS and Android phones released last year, web components are now supported natively. With libraries such as Polymer built on top of web components, it is now possible to easily create fast Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) without the overhead of a framework. In this workshop, we'll begin with a brief introduction to web components and Polymer. Then, we'll dive into hands-on experiences with the core aspects of web components: the template tag, custom elements, and the Shadow DOM.

This workshop assumes an understanding of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. No prior experience with web components, Polymer, or any library or framework (web components or otherwise) is required.


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Kevin Rosso at 11:43 on 13 Jul 2018

well done workshop ! Organized and presented in a clear way

Frank Font at 13:33 on 15 Jul 2018

I was unaware of this technology going into the workshop and came out with some hands-on experience utilizing them in an informational way. Thanks John for a terrific workshop!

Tough having to spend time getting people's env setup so anything to speed that up would be great. I think would be better to spend less time on google maps and more on the vanilla web components. Great talk though, thanks!