It is Black Friday, and you're about to have the biggest traffic day your website has ever seen. When your first big sale hits, your servers get overloaded, and users start getting timeout pages. If you used JavaScript service workers on your site, your users wouldn't be noticing this problem.

Any cloud provider out there will give you a SLA of 99.%. For those who need even more security in their uptime, a CDN can easily be added to help increase durability. But, none of these solutions are immune from problems and most definitely won’t cover you when your backend servers start returning 504 errors nor will they help you if there is network congestion clogging the pipes.

Luckily, there is new functionality being added to browsers which can help us with this. Come learn about browser service workers which can be added to your website with just a few lines of code and immediately increase the performance, scalability, and availability of your website. We’ll go hands-on with the code to show exactly how to implement this new tech on your favorite website so you can go back to your hotel room and add it to immediately. We’ll also talk about what’s coming next and limitations of the current system as well as some real-world implementations of this system. Want to avoid angry calls from your boss/client because their website is timing out? This is the session to attend to prevent that!


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Excellent talk with great level of detail and good, relevant examples.