When your application goes haywire, the most valuable engineering skill is not the the ability to bring up a copy of your system or even knowledge of a your technology stack (although it doesn't hurt). It is the skill of understanding and solving problems.

Finding the root cause of the issue and mitigating it with minimal disruption is a must-have skill for engineers responsible for developing and managing production systems. In this talk I will discuss the skills required to troubleshoot complex systems and traits that prevent engineers from being successful at troubleshooting. We will discuss some tips and tricks for troubleshooting complex systems in production.


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Excellent talk that was very comprehensive and yet still incorporated specific, real-world examples that served to drive home its points.

Josh Trout at 11:42 on 14 Jul 2018

Enjoyed the talk, very practical and realistic take on troubleshooting

Philip Sharp at 11:47 on 14 Jul 2018

Well structured and informative talk. Good combination of high-level ideas and detailed examples.