Earlier this year IBM showed a vision of the future of autonomous bus transit networks at the Consumer Electronics Show. The exhibit featured a life-size “Olli” bus, and a bus stop that adapted to the accessibility needs of the rider. Whether you are young or old, blind or deaf, cognitively impaired, wheelchair-bound or color-blind, the intelligent Olli bus stop adapts to your needs and makes it easy to call for a bus, know when it will arrive, find points of interest near your destination, and get on and off safely.
Making all this happen requires a lot of data and smart processing. Buses reported their location every 500 milliseconds. We tracked riders entering and exiting the stop and the bus. We also track the health of the IoT systems that keep everything running. And it was built around Apache CouchDB being the source of truth for information events, and all other software listening to the CouchDB changes feed and deciding whether to do something based on the change. In this presentation, I’ll discuss how we built the bus stop “concierge” kiosk app using a host of open source technologies, including CouchDB, PouchDB, ReactJS, Redux and Mapbox GL.


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Philip Sharp at 09:14 on 14 Jul 2018

Interesting topic. The presentation could have been tighter. I had a hard time following the code examples and would have liked to see a more high-level explanation of how the components work together.