Nik Everett found that automatically rigging up something to automatically test your documentation is super useful for making sure it is up to date. It doesn't have to be complex or beautiful. It just has to run. He'll teach you how to duplicate his approach because he might have to use your software someday.

In this talk you will:
*hear some anecdotes about the dark times before Elasticsearch's docs where tested automatically
* learn about the tools they built to test their documentation
* follow the journey from no test coverage of the docs to near complete coverage
* learn how to inspire others to do the same

All of what the Elasticsearch team built is open source and freely reusable but is tuned for the particular kind of docs they have and as such probably aren't useful to you. Nik offers inspiration and processes to copy.


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Philip Sharp at 15:50 on 14 Jul 2018

Interesting process going from un-checked-in documentation to fully-tested code examples.