In this talk, Lawrence Shea will convince you your parents were wrong, and procrastination is a best practice. We'll cover what caching is, queuing, why you (probably) don't need live data, why you should push everything off until later, and how we can get our lazy on with Redis.

High-level overview of the talk:

- What is caching?
- Where caching can be applied in your project.
- Audience involvement, a quick game showing how "perceived" performance is just as good as "real" performance.
- What is queuing?
- Where queuing can be applied in your project.
- What is Redis?
- Real world examples of when to use Redis caching.
- Speed test examples showing cache versus DB, expensive calculation, etc.
- Real world examples of when to use Redis queuing.

Slides -


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Chris Howard at 11:02 on 13 Jul 2018

Great slides and talk. Presenter was very knowledgeable but was very nervous.

Great introduction to the potential of job queuing and caching. Fun demonstrations that drive home the value of queuing viscerally.

Ketan Barve at 11:47 on 13 Jul 2018

Good first time talk, more practice would make it even better. Great Job!