The web revolutionized the way people run applications and consume content. Users can open applications without an installation step, by simply clicking a link. Yet not all applications can easily be deployed to the web. Some existing applications are difficult to port to the web, either because they’re written in languages other than JavaScript, or because they run into performance issues. This talk will show you how WebAssembly fixes these issues and makes the web a more powerful and expressive platform.

But WebAssembly isn’t just about the web. This talk will also show you some of the other fields WebAssembly is starting to gain traction in, from embedded devices, to Blockchain platforms, to CDNs.


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Very good introduction with lots of specific details. Especially appreciated learning about the outlook for web assembly's future development and new features. This makes it easier to think understand how web assembly will fit into my own development today and tomorrow.

Philip Sharp at 09:16 on 14 Jul 2018

A great overview of the what and why of web assembly.