As developers, we have relatively sedentary jobs which tax our minds but do little for our bodies. What are the physical and mental struggles which arise because of our profession? That was my question when I decided to survey developers from all over the Washington, DC area at the start of 2018.

The survey reached 50,000 people from 30 local meetups ranging from PHP to C# to Python and from web development to data science to DevOps. Responses came in from many communities and revealed the kinds of struggles we have. These developers shared what is hardest for them and how they have applied their dev mindset to improve their lives.

You will learn about the specific issues and their prevalence. We’ll also explore how developers combat these problems so you can take away some tips if you share the same struggles.


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Very interesting take on an important topic. Got me thinking more about my personal mental and physical health, including what concrete things I can.

Inresting points presented here ill be sure to submit the survey