At its core, any IT development done in today's environment needs to leverage, consume, and involve open source. This session will describe what open source is, why open source works, and how to fully engage with the open source community. Whether knowledgeable about open source, or requiring an intro to the topic, this session is for you. Suitable for both developers as well as managers and CXO-level execs, this talk will be presented by a leading figure in the open source community, Jim Jagielski, a Maryland native, who has contributed to PHP and is likely best known as a core-developer of the Apache web server and co-founder of the Apache Software Foundation.


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Excellent overview of the promise and power of open source and how it directly helps a variety of constituents: developers, companies, and society as a whole.

Frank Font at 13:55 on 15 Jul 2018

I shut off my computer and put it away to hear every word; Jim shared his insights about open-source, its historical and present significance, and why we need to care; cogently and and with authenticity.