Knowing how to code and being able to teach it are two separate skills. When we have expertise in a subject, it's easy to take for granted we'll be able to communicate our knowledge to others effectively.

No previous teaching experience is required, but this talk will benefit anyone who trains, mentors, or teaches others (formally or informally), especially:
* Someone who mentors a junior developer and wants to help them reach their potential.
* Someone who manages mid-level developers.
* Someone who communicates technical information to non-developers.
* Someone who trains developers or teaches coding at any level.

After the talk, you will have practical takeaways to help you more effectively communicate with developers and non-developers alike. We'll sharpen your teaching skills and help you become a better mentor, trainer, and team member. Learn (or re-learn!) how to teach and discover practical examples you can put to work right away!


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This was an excellent talk.

Shannon made a lot of things explicit that I have thought about regarding mentoring junior-level developers in the workplace. Awesome stuff!