Down the Rabbit Hole of Typed Data


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Awesome poem about mocking the service container and keeping with MAD in MADcamp more than any other presentation I saw. Liked the MADTip resources, too. I think the MADCamp organizers should give you some sort of Lewis Carroll award for this :)

Something that could be improved was the "why would I want to use Typed Data API" part. You did talk about this in the Q&A, but I think your most salient answer is that modules like Rules, Token, Panels, etc. will probably use this API and so you get integration with those systems for free.

P.S. The slides link on the MADcamp site didn't work for me when I just clicked on them.

I loved the personal history of Matt's struggles with the Typed Data API, and while I didn't understand all of it, I know a well-placed poem when I see one.