From zero to Silex


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Anonymous at 10:33 on 23 Mar 2015

Lots of code, thorough tour, very smooth code demo, but didn't get a great overview of the application structure.

The demo was pretty slick and I like the fact that I can peer through the code afterwards, but I think it might have taken away from other parts of the presentation. I don't think the ""anonymous callbacks are so easy; wait, now I can't test anything" trap" part was mentioned due to lack of time.

I kept looking at the Silex API and comparing it to with what I was learning with Node/Express apps and seeing a lot of similarity. That's why I was interested about the callback hell part of the talk that I didn't get to see as I would like to avoid that hell, obviously. Maybe I just missed this part, but I would either add some code or take that part out of the description in the future.