Grunt All the Things!! Even Drupal!


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Fantastic presenter. Held my attention the whole time. I would probably not use animated Gifs in the future for command examples. Perhaps use videos that you can start when you're ready and won't auto repeat (kinda distracting). Use larger fonts for code and command examples in case you're stuck with a bad projector/screen.

Comment to the camp: The screen was too small and projector too dim for this room. I couldn't see the code samples.

Anonymous at 13:26 on 20 Mar 2015

Awesome talk. Great idea using gif for CLI makes referencing this presentation later SOOOO much easier. Also, so many great ways to use grunt I didn't even think of. Thank you!

It was difficult for me to follow this session even while sitting close enough to the screen to read 30% of the code examples. My biggest concern was that this was listed as a "beginner" session, and it most certainly wasn't. This really highlighted to me the need for these terms to be better defined for camps, so thank you for that!

Anonymous at 11:29 on 21 Mar 2015

Great talk. Answered a lot of questions I'd had when starting to use Grunt with Drupal. Will definitely be trying out a lot of the ideas presented. The CLI examples being entirely unreadable (and I wasn't far away) was a bummer. Might have been best to just have the commands in huge text on the slide and then do the same with a copy/paste of the example output that was discussed after running those commands.

Anonymous at 16:27 on 21 Mar 2015

Agreed with some other reviews that this wasn't really a beginner session, and there was a problem with legibility of the slides and demos. Still a decent overview of build automation in general with specifics in Grunt.

very knowledgable and well spoken presenter.
code examples definitely need to be bigger.

I already knew a decent amount about Grunt and what you can do with it, but I enjoyed learning about some Drupal-related Grunt tasks you can utilize that are out there all ready for you.

Since I'm not into dev ops and would rather just be told what to use by smart people who are, I gathered that using Grunt in 2015 is still fine but that if you are doing a lot of Grunt tasks, Gulp might speed you up some if you are finding Grunt slow. Kind of like with VHS and Betamax, it's not the always the technology but what people tend to use for whatever reason that sticks.

The biggest take away for me was actually the talk surrounding using static site generators in the design process, like Sculpin and Pattern Lab. Great resources embedded in the talk!

I agree with other commenters that this room sucked. I would not use it next year.

Loved this talk. Great presenter.

Thanks for the comments. My apologies to those who couldn't see the code or the information was not appropriate for beginners.

I was trying to find a balance between live demo (where you can resize the text) and providing a medium for those catching the video to see commands (using gifs).

I'll try to do a better job of providing more context for beginners.