I wish I knew this 3 years ago: Introducing site builders to Entity Metadata Wrappers, EntityFieldQuery and more


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Anonymous at 18:20 on 21 Mar 2015

Helpful talk for developers who want to better use drupal's api. Obvious knowwdge of topic by speaker.

Anonymous at 19:45 on 21 Mar 2015

Great session! Now I need to go back and clean up some arrays, but thankful to have learned this stuff 3 months in versus 3 years. Thanks so much for sharing your experiences with us!

This topic was probably a little beyond where I'm at right now in terms of comprehension. But, it was well organized and well presented.

As someone that is primarily a site builder, I hoped that I might get more from this session than I actually did.

Great enthusiasm and arguments for using and benefitting from best practices programming in D7.

Anonymous at 15:17 on 23 Mar 2015

Yes!! Great knowledge of the topic presented very well

I had to comment again, because I have already found some errors in a site's legacy code due to accessing deep into an entity array without doing checks. Time to refactor! THanks again!

Learning to do things the right way is a big reason I attended MidCamp. This session provided information I will definitely put to use soon, thanks.

Edit: bonus points for keeping a presentation interesting for a last session on a Saturday.