Keynote: PHP for Everyone


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Well done, accessible and relevant for all levels and roles

Interesting insight into PHP

Anonymous at 15:03 on 21 Mar 2015

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Anonymous at 10:06 on 22 Mar 2015

Boring, fan girl keynote without substance

I thought that this was a good "intro" to php and a good keynote for a Drupal Camp. Jen is a good speaker and able to communicate with a diverse audience.

I liked the keynote, but I wish it would've gone a little deeper in a few areas, like how you can find local meetup groups for PHP, how the more global PHP community works (outside of Drupal), and some specific examples of big sites using PHP (e.g. Facebook, Wikipedia, etc.).

Anonymous at 20:40 on 22 Mar 2015

I appreciated this one very much. Starting out with the very basics and building from there lets beginners stay with you and really learn. Engaging and informative, with direction for looking for more.

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Anonymous at 11:42 on 23 Mar 2015

This was a good talk that make everyone feel good, WordPress, Symfony, Backdrop, and Drupal people.

Some of the content was difficult to understand. It would have helped if the speaker had talked slower and more clearly.

I think adding another 5-10 minutes talking about the technical modern improvements to php 5, and upcoming in php 7 would additionally strengthen this talk.

Anonymous at 12:33 on 23 Mar 2015

PHP is great but "haters gonna hate" is the message I got. Otherwise, wasn't too enlightening.

Anonymous at 13:18 on 23 Mar 2015

This is a great pep-talk for all of us. The talk was filled with facts and backstory to help us all understand how well we are doing when we use and contribute to make PHP so successful

I really enjoyed this talk!

I really enjoyed this keynote, and I think it's great to start simple to make keynotes accessible to all attendees. She did a great job of listing typical criticisms of PHP and countering them, but I would've liked to see some comparisons with other languages, both regarding learning curves, size of development communities, and employment opportunities.

This was well presented, but I didn't feel that I took away anything that was very useful. That's probably largely because I don't work for a development company so I'm incredibly unlikely to run into a scenario where I need to justify what code our CMS runs on.

The presentation was good, but I feel the audience wasn't quite right. It would better serve a less developer-heavy audience, asking questions like "Why do we use PHP?"