Off with Drupal's Head!


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Anonymous at 14:56 on 21 Mar 2015

Interesting talk, nice use of flamingos, interesting choice of moving from a noisy room to an even more noisier room.

Anonymous at 10:08 on 22 Mar 2015

Amateurs trying to shake out in a panel. Good topic but very poor discussion

Anonymous at 10:29 on 23 Mar 2015

Venue was challenging, great selection of panelists though.

Anonymous at 13:17 on 23 Mar 2015

Interesting format and conversation. The noise level was a bummer.

I only take off some thumbs up because I know it was hard for everyone to hear.

The actual discussion, I thought, was pretty good with reasons for and reasons against using Drupal as it currently is in D7 in a headless, or Hydra-headed way.

For me personally, I walked away with the idea of not exploring Drupal in this arena quite yet and using other PHP or non-PHP based frameworks if you want a different view layer than PHPtemplate, like hooking in an Ember or Angular on the client. To me, it just didn't seem worth it in favor of learning how to do this with other readily available tools.

The other great point was the questions that "headless Drupal" brought up in terms of where do you "cut the head off?" and where the neck is. Drupal is pretty messy in that regard as it has been a monolithic solution and hearing the debate around where the neck was...was interesting.

I caught the second half of this talk. Even though I'm not planning any projects that justify a headless approach, it was interesting to learn about use cases where it would be appropriate. Good discussion but difficult to hear.